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Advice that helps us improve our financial habits is appreciated by most of us. But what if that advice came from an app? Would you still take it?

I hope you would because a financial calculator app can help assess your financial health. It can track your spending habits and your purchasing power.

In addition, a financial calculator can teach you how to make sound financial decisions. For example, using a financial calculator’s compound interest feature will reveal whether your finances are adequate to pay off a car loan in two years, or if a 30-year mortgage is worthwhile.

Having these advantages, it is worthwhile to install an app on your phone to help build good money habits.

But which app works best?

To help you make a choice, we’re featuring 15 financial calculators for iPhone and Android. Some of these apps are even based on classic financial calculators (the ones with the buttons and narrow screens) designed for serious calculating.

Regardless of the format, they are all helpful, valuable tools for developing financial health.

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Best Financial Calculators for iPhone and Android

  1. 10bii

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Modeled after Hewlett Packard’s 10BII financial calculator, this app has more than a hundred functions for computing the financial, mathematical, or statistical answers you need.This app is perfect for calculating TVM calculations accurately. The cash-flow diagrams show you the results.Financial calculator apps are an excellent tool for business people, finance professionals, and anyone else who needs a powerful calculator.Issues with the app are immediately addressed by a highly responsive customer service.

  1. Financial Calculators by Bishinews

best interest rate calculator app | financial calculator india ios app | best financial calculator for mac via Install this app if you’re looking for a calculator that’ll tell you all the numbers on a business loan, a retirement plan, investments, and more! You can use this app for all your calculation needs regardless of whether you’re a professional number cruncher, a finance student, or a regular personal finance person.

  1. Vicinno

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The Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) system gives you reliable results every time you use this tool. It has the same features as HP’s original 12c financial calculator.In addition to calculating TVM or bonds, you can also use it as a depreciation calculator, or for statistical analyses. The program lets you copy and paste the results for ease of use.

  1. Touch RPN

What is the secret calculator app | interest calculator app | calculator apps download. This app is based on the HP 12c RPN system, and is available for both iOS and Android users. This emulator app functions exactly like the HP 12c. But this means that it also possess the limitations of the HP 12c. This app has a choice of being used as a compound interest app or a scientific calculator. Calculation modes are known as “flavors.” The scientific flavor and the basic financial flavor are offered free of charge.

Other “flavors” can be purchased after purchase. They contain extra features and are ad-free. Examples include the algebraic financial flavor, the Black-Scholes financial flavor, and the scientifically advanced flavor. Use the financial mode to make accurate calculations of annual interest rates, loan amortizations, and TVM.

  1. PowerOne Finance Pro Calculator

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Despite the sheer number of calculations supported by this app, it is sometimes referred to as “the everything calculator”. There are over 400 calculators from which to choose, including algebraic, financial, investment return, and profit margin. These calculators are also packaged in pre-made templates, which make them more convenient to use. In addition, the app developer also gives users a chance to personalize their calculating experiences through three visual themes.