Proactol Vs Hoodia Dietary Supplements

With 29 new weight loss products launching onto the market annually, we have searched the internet to discover a natural dietary supplement that can help individuals to lose excess lbs safely, naturally and without endangering their body.

How can Proactol help you to take control of your diet?

Formulated from the cactus opuntia ficus-indica, this supplement has been medically tested and found to:

• Reduce up to 28 percent of your daily fat consumption

• Suppress hunger

• Reduce blood cholesterol

• Decrease calorie consumption by 450 calories per day

• Improve joint mobility

How can Hoodia support you?

Taken solely from the core of the Hoodia Gordonii cactus, the active ingredient P57 within Hoodia has been discovered to:

• Suppress your hunger by switching off the hunger device in the brain

• Cut calorie consumption by 50 percent – 1,000 calories a day

• Control blood glucose levels, so your brain thinks you are full when you have barely ate anything

*Note: US Laboratory testing has discovered that up to 99% of Hoodia diet capsules are bogus

Both of these 100% natural, organic weight loss tablets have been discovered to support individuals to lose between 1 to 2 lbs a week when consumed as part of a nutritious weight loss plan.

Yet, this is where their likeness ends…

How does Hoodia work?

With 99 percent of Hoodia tablets proven to not contain the core of the Hoodia Gordonii cactus, but instead offer allergens, extracts and other ingredients; many are believed to trigger an array of negative side effects, including liver problems and stomach cramps.

Yet, because many suppliers are not openly giving their pills up for testing it is not confirmed if these side effects have been triggered by genuine Hoodia products or the bogus…

To feel rest assured that you are only taking 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, the tablet should be laboratory tested, contain a CITES certificate (dating back to its exportation) and be revealed to contain ONLY Hoodia Gordonii and not any of the 12 other Hoodia cacti.

However, even once this supplement has been found to include real Hoodia Gordonii, due to its natural afflictions on blood glucose levels, users who suffer from diabetes  Alpilean and liver disease should be careful and speak with a physician first before taking this product.

Proactol vs. Hoodia – which is better?

Accessible, affordable and proven to trigger no negative side effects, Proactol is much more than your average weight loss pill.

Supporting individuals to make up to 28 percent of their daily fat consumption indigestible 100% rest assured that their weight loss is in safe hands.

And free from fillers, allergens and preservatives, Proactol is safe for permanent use making it the ideal supplement for slimmers who struggle to manage their weight.

Of course this is not to discount Hoodia’s many proven dietary benefits. Supporting individuals to decrease their cravings by cutting their calorie intake by 1,000 calories a day, lots have revealed credible permanent fat losses.