The Role of GPS Tracker Server in GPS Tracking System

A GPS tracker worker is minimal expense following programming that can be introduced in your PC. With this, you can set aside the cash you spend on GPS gadget. You can likewise browse 3 alternatives, vehicle following, individual following, or armada following. Additionally, it gives you continuous following data. You can browse the 2 sorts of guides accessible, Google guide and Microsoft virtual earth maps. The expense of the GPS tracker worker begins at $5,200 and the framework can be updated at an additional expense.

PC Requirements

The worker upholds just Windows XP and Windows 2003. You will likewise require 2GB memory and 250GB hard drive space. Additionally, your PC should have VPS or VDS worker.

Constant Tracking

With a GPS tracker worker you can partake in the advantages of constant following. You can know the specific area of the vehicle, individual or armada at that point. Additionally, you can follow the area of more than each gadget in turn. It can likewise uphold numerous clients and every one of them can follow a gadget all the while. At the point when the GPS beacon changes its position, the data is refreshed immediately. Also, you can change from 1 planning to another without any problem.

Alert Functions of GPS Tracker Server

A large portion of the GPS workers are fused with different caution capacities. This incorporates SOS caution, low force alert, speed alert and geofence alert. The cautions are sent as email alarms and the worker can send alarms to all clients. At the point when the force of the GPS beacon is low, it sends an email message. This is called low force alert. Speed alert is initiated when the speed of the vehicle where the GPS beacon is set surpasses as far as possible. Geofence caution is initiated if the GPS beacon leaves the preset virtual limit. When you get the caution, you can react to it by following some straightforward advances. gps tracker

Get the Tracking History

The GPS tracker worker is equipped for putting away the historical backdrop of following. This empowers you to play back the set of experiences any time you need. The set of experiences won’t be erased regardless of whether you change the kind of guide utilized. Likewise, you can save the information to your PC as dominate or PDF record and save it for future reference.

Following Reports

The worker likewise sends following reports to the clients. This report send by your GPS tracker worker incorporates distance report, alert report and stop report.